Waterperry House and Gardens

A warm welcome to our magnificent setting for the very first Oxford Storytelling Festival.

Waterperry Gardens 3.jpg

Beautiful Gardens

Waterperry Gardens is a magical place where you are surrounded by beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers, classical borders, modern planting, secret corners and long vistas.

It's well worth a walk around the gardens. See if you can find the little bridge, the Yewhedge (2/3 size of Stonehenge, but planted in yew) and the fabulous amphitheatre.

Waterperry Gardens 2.jpg

Stunning house

Waterperry House owes its graceful Queen Anne frontage to Sir John Curson, who had it rebuilt in 1713.

Parts of the house date to Tudor times although archaeologists have found pottery, fragments of which are to be seen in the Museum of Rural Life, dating from Roman times. The house contains contemporary frescoes which are thought to be the largest single work of its kind in this country in over 500 years. 


Magical venue

Waterperry Gardens has been the venue for the well known Art in Action festival for the past 40 years.  

2016 saw the last ever Art in Action. From the old oak tree of this magnificent arts festival, a new generation of smaller festivals held here has sprouted.

Oxford Storytelling Festival marks the dawn of a new era for this beautiful venue.